Jessica Pérez


Jessica Perez was born in Cartago, surrounded by dogs, chickens, ducks and cats, which cause for her to have an incredible love for animals.

She entered Veterinary Medium at Universidad Nacional in 2008, finishing in 2013.

She made a stay in the Department of Surgery of Soft Tissues and internal medicine of small species for three months at the University of North Carolina, United States also, she has the ABC trauma LAVCCS 2014 certification.

She completed a course of Dermatology, obtaining a diploma in this area culminating in 2015 in veterinary hosted by the University Of La Plata, Argentina.

She has worked specifically in the area of minor species, with a desire to grow professionally every day, putting everything in God’s hands.

She is well known for her smile and good customer service, eager to greet your pet with open arms.