At the Vicovet Veterinarian Clinic, we have a special group of professionals who share the same objective, which is not only delivering the best service for your pet wellbeing, but also satisfy and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.
Also, here in Vicovet, we want to contribute with the population’s education, by teaching about responsible animal guardianship and animal welfare.

Our staff is 100% committed to providing the attention that you and your pets deserve.


Taking care of our patients in a professional and integral way, by sensitizing their owners in animal safety related topics. We also offer great choices for those helping stray dogs



Being a country leader in the Pet Hospital industry, thanks to the quality of the services we offer, and the professionalism of our experts.

1. Respect: We feel a great love towards animals and thanks to our daily effort in knowing and understand their needs, our services are always focus in dignifying for both the owners and their pets.

2. Teamwork: We acknowledge how important is to work as a single unity, from the medical team to the administrative personnel, to deliver a great service at any moment.

3. Compromise: Our patients’ health is our absolute priority, that being said, we work hard to always offer the best available treatment for your convenience and also, matching our customer’s budget.

4. Solidarity:  Our respect towards animals makes us compassionate with their needs, as such, we include guidance and information in each session, so they may have a better life.

5. Honesty: The services we provide and recommend, as well as the medications, will always be fair and necessary, to grant a healthy pet.